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    Rockville, MD Client

    "Having Bonni was the best decision we made. She was able to help us with breastfeeding which was very important to me. Her knowledge as a lactation consultant helped me with learning the proper positioning for my son and I as well as how to help me get more sleep and when to pump (so my husband could give bottles). She gave my husband and I tips for bottle feeding and different positions for burping to help with spit up.


    She also was able to help me with all the things I didn't even know I would need help with as a first-time mom. She prepared delicious snacks and food for me while I was nursing that were quick and easy for my husband to replicate during the times when she wasn't with us. Her help with our sons' laundry as well as tips on how to soothe him were lifesavers for us.


    Bonni treated our son as if he were her own and they had a special bond that developed while she was with us. One of the things I enjoyed the most (besides the yummy snacks and help) was when Bonni arrived after I was done nursing she would allow me to nap while she took care of my son and other tasks. It was nice knowing I could have a break and my son was well cared for and all I had to do was wait for her to come wake me when he was ready to feed next. Working with Bonni was a joy and I know next time around she will be just as invaluable after the birth of our next child."

    Potomac, MD Client

    "Bonni is a complete professional but with a totally natural feel. It's like having your mother help you, except that she never stops working, doesn't judge your choices, and never tells stories of how she raised you sleeping on your stomach and eating from BPA, and you turned out alright."

    Bethesda, MD Client

    "I had no idea how much I needed the work Bonni did until she came over a few days after the birth and I shared my birth story with her. I felt her empathize with me then and from that moment on for the next 3 weeks, she supported me in ways small and large that I desperately needed such as with tidying up, preparing food, helping prop me up for comfortable breastfeeding, sharing overall newborn knowledge and listening to my needs and concerns. I believe that Bonni helped make it easier for me to bond with my baby as she cared for me while I physically and emotionally recovered from the birth experience and grew into a capable mom. Thank you, Bonni!"

    Arlington, VA Client

    "We are very grateful to find Bonni. Bonni became a member of our family to start the fourth trimester. In addition to being incredibly thoughtful, empathetic and caring towards our new baby girl, she was very understanding to the two of us as we adjusted to becoming parents. Bonni accompanied us on early and often doctor visits and was always happy to watch after the house (and our little, friendly dog) while we fit in occasional power naps."

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